Best Clutch Kit For RZR 800- Top 4 Picks


Polaris RZR 800 is known for its power skill which is really very impressive. It has a stock clutch in it which is provided by the factory. That clutch has limited power capacity which is a big obstacle for the RZR 800. By time passes it loses its capabilities of power skill.

So for getting good performance and making the most use of the RZR 800 power skill, we need to add a clutch kit. It will improve the acceleration of the vehicle but as usual, there are so many options for the clutch kit. To make your choice easy, here you will find the best clutch kit for RZR 800.

Best Clutch Kit For RZR 800

Product’s Name Suitable Tire Size Key Benefits Price
Dalton Clutches Clutch Kit DUVP9XP Up to 29.5 Inches Boasts Truck Acceleration Details On Amazon
EPI Sport Utility Clutch Kit Up To 28 Inches Increase Riding Performance Details On Amazon
RD EPI Sport Utility Clutch Kit 27-28 Inches Fine For Occasional Use Details On Amazon
QUADBOSS Mudder Clutch Kit 28-29.5 Inches Lessen Power Issues Details On Amazon

Discover the best category clutch kits here exactly compatible with  RZR 800.

1. Dalton Clutches Clutch Kit DUVP9XP – Better Acceleration With Stunning Performance

Dalton clutch kit is very much known as the tuning component. This kit will tune in with the engine and make the RZR 800 engine much more durable. That can boost the engine’s power production and utilize the engine’s long life.

For an unusual landscape and various tire sizes, this clutch kit has been set up for and it is suitable for any road situation. For a 900xp application, this kit is actually prepared for. Dalton provides its customers with manual instructions for getting better knowledge to install it.

This kit has the system of “Quick Adjust” flyweight which will allow you to adjust the weight wherever you are and there is nothing to worry about. You can do this without even touching the drive grip and easily withdrawing the flyweight.

You can check their manual teaching system for the “Set-up Guides” and they even provide the latest teaching guide for “Stage Performance Package”. These instructions will help you to make this one for sufficient usage for extended periods of time.


  • Flexibility in use
  • Ultimate quality
  • Great performance
  • Best tuning pieces
  • Easy to install


  • Hard to find in stock

Available On Amazon

2. EPI Sport Utility Clutch Kit– Boost Mid And Low-range Acceleration

The sports utility clutch kit of EPI designs mostly for increasing the mid-range and low range acceleration. In your all trail riding, this clutch kit will support you with this incredible acceleration power and never lets you down.

This clutch kit is for those people or riders who don’t want to miss a single second of enjoyment. That’s why you guys can spend most of the time on the trail without any disturbances. You don’t need to sacrifice ATV’s reliability and also get the best performance.

It will perform more efficiently when the power transferring process will begin. Down to the tires of the RZR 800, the kit will transfer the ATV/UTV power. The design of the clutch is only for the stock exhaust and stock motor.

EPI made this clutch kit to help the system to get rid of or for lessening the belt slippage problem. This help will also reduce the heat of the clutch, which is a plus point for RZR 800.


  • Amazing wheel response
  • Easy installation
  • Noticeable acceleration
  • Great package product


  • Compatible with stock tires only

Available On Amazon

3. RD EPI Sport Utility Clutch Kit– All Around Usable Kit

For all-around usage, RD-EPI has brought this clutch kit to the market. You can use it in your vehicle very effortlessly with this feature of this kit. You can utilize it for the UTV/ATV completely, and you will be glad to see it’s performance.

To get a ride of your choice, then this clutch kit will serve you in trail riding, hauling, plowing, sand riding as well as occasional mud riding. The rider will be amazed to see its various types of capacity in different situations.

When the rider adds the oversized tires on RZR 800, it will not make any problem. This clutch kit automatically makes up all the slow response and power loss problems on its own. You don’t need to do it with some other things.

To get rid of the clutch heat; there is a decreasing belt slippage system. The clutch kit will decrease the belt slippage without any issues. Moreover, it will improve the RZR 800 mid and low range acceleration.


  • Shorter response
  • Easy direction
  • Easy to install
  • Provides extra power


  • Slow customer service

Available On Amazon

4. QUADBOSS Mudder Clutch Kit– For Playing In Sticky Clay

The name shows its own personality by adding murder. Quadboss introduced us to their mudder clutch kit for those who love to plan in gumbo mud or sticky clay. You can use it in mud smoothly without showing any tantrums in the middle of your ride.

With this one clutch kit, you will be able to get a faster backshift, which will be the reason for your great riding experience in the muddy ground. As a result of this feature, it will provide a more thrilling ride with crisp throttle feedback.

In the mud usually, it’s not easy to turn the tires, but with this clutch kit, it is easily possible. You can turn the large tires of RZR 800 effortlessly in the mud, which is allowing by the murder clutch kit. Although, it has better torque and low-end power.

Even this kit will help you to revive the power loss, which loss happens for big tires. The big tires won’t make any difference in your riding adventure. And you will get a great ride on the muddy surface as well.


  • Easy to install
  • Lessen clutch heat
  • Reduces belt slip
  • Effortless performance in low altitudes


  • Not for trail riding

Available On Amazon

How To Select The Best Clutch Kit For RZR 800?

How To Select The Best Clutch Kit For RZR 800

To get the best RZR clutch kit research is a must thing do. You do need satisfaction from a car by getting a great experience from it. Clutch kits are the most important component for this reason. Since; satisfaction is fundamental, you guys can get through these points to get a perfect clutch kit for RZR 800.

Clutch types

There are several clutches you can choose from. So before choosing one clutch kit for your RZR 800, you need to know about the types of the clutch. Mainly two types of the clutch are in demand. Long style and diaphragm are two of them.

So when you choose, get a clear vision of what features and style you want for your RZR. Then get a clutch kit for it.


Various clutch kits have different weights. Weight is essential in terms of getting good performance. It is the primary thing to get the adjusted clutch kit for your vehicle. If you get a clutch that is not getting adjusted with your car, then it can harm your vehicle as well as you will suffer in the long run.

Service history

Before buying anything, we search for a review. It is not a new thing for people like us. So for getting a good clutch, you need to search for its servicing history. This documented history will give you a clear understanding of the service; it will give it to your vehicle.


Clutches’ size is also a consideration to get a good performance from it. When you get a big or small size clutch for your RZR 800, it won’t suit your vehicle. This problem might harm your car too. So it’s obvious to choose the right size clutch according to the RZR 800.


The installation process or assembly of a clutch kit can be a little tricky thing to choose from. Some clutches are easy to install, but some are not. So appoint an RZR 800 clutch kit that can install easily, and that will be an excellent choice too.

Heat resistance

Heat is known as an enemy for clutches. Because of bad habits and poor driving, this problem is being shown. Choose a better clutch kit to prevent this heating problem and avoid hard abuses in RZR 800.

How to Replace Clutch Kit on RZR 800?

To replace the clutch, you have to follow some steps, which are given below. You don’t need to be a skilled person, but you have to be careful in each step. If you have doubts about your skills, therefore you can do this process with a mechanic. Let’s get to know the steps first; you can then decide what you want to do with your RZR 800 clutch kit.

Disassemble the Primary Clutch from RZR 800

First, you have to disassemble the primary stock clutch. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Remove the Seats & Hardware

 First of all, remove the seats and all the hardware for securing the center console to the machine.

Step 2: Remove the Cap

Eliminate the cap on top of the shifter handle as well as the t25 screw. Likewise, extract the handle from the shifter.

Step 3: Take out the Rear Portion of the Plastic

After that, take out the console along with the rear portion of the plastic by turning two knobs. Thus pull it down then slide it on.

Step 4: Unscrew the Bolt from the Belt Bar

Next, we are going to unscrew two bolts that are securing the belt bar. Hence remove the vent tube off the clutch cover by loosening the clamp and unscrewing all eight bolts.

Step 5: Remove the Clutch

Pick a pry bar, shove it in between the towers of the clutch. Take a 16-millimeter socket and remove the bolt of the primary clutch. Set it aside.

Step 6: Pull & Take out the Clutch

Take the clutch puller tool, slide it right into the primary, start threading it until it gets tight. Therefore place the pry bar again, tighten it until it pushes the clutch right off. Consequently, pull the pry bar along with the tool out. Hereafter, you slide the primary clutch right out.

Install the New Clutch Kits

Now, these steps are for placing the new one.

Step 1: Remove the Screws

Start removing the screws from the tower of the clutch, push them straight out.

Step 2: Place the Clutch Arm Gradually

Grab a clutch arm, go ahead, and slide them into place. Again screw them by sliding it through the other side, get the nut started. Not tight the screw much; you need to keep it as much free so that the clutch arm moves freely. Repeat the rule for the rest of the three components.

Step 3: Lay the Clutch

Remove the top cover of the clutch by unscrewing the bolts. Get the clutch tool, lay the clutch on to threads.

Step 4: Replace the Spring

Further, you can remove the old spring, keep the new one. Mark the side of the clutch arm and lay the cover above it. Make sure it is on the mark.

Step 5: Tighten the Clutch

 Grab the rest of the clutch tool, keep it on the cover and compress it until it gets tightened. See if there are any adjustments needed or not in the marking portion.

Step 6: Tighten All the Screws

After balancing the clutch, screw all the bolts as we unscrewed before.

Step 7: Reassemble All the Parts

Then start backing off the nuts that are going to relieve the pressure. Take off all the tools and clutch as well from the clutch thread.

Reassemble All the Nuts & Bolts

Step 1: Go back to the machine before doing anything else; make sure you clean the machine. Then carefully loop it around the belt and install the clutch.

Step2: Tighten the bolts that we remove to take off the clutch previously.

Step 3: Repeat all the processes that we do before removing the clutch. But this time, you need to put them back together, not removing them.

What Does a Clutch Kit Do for An RZR?

We all have a question in our mind that why will we use the clutch kit or what is the reason behind it and many other things. So let us take the responsibility to answer all your questions. And we assure you after reading the benefits; you get a clear picture along with there will be no questions as well.

The Clutch kit is the only way to get a smooth drive as well as it is a very crucial component of the transmission technique. It goes through a complicated mechanism to shift the power to the transmission system from the RZR’s engine. So when you start to perform the clutch, it will begin to sync with the transmission system and engine.

You need to use the clutch paddle each one of the times to stop the RZR smoothly. This clutch will stop the RZR without any hamper happening to the engine or without any creep. Moreover, you need the clutch to shift the gears as well.

If you really expect to manage your transportation smoothly, then you need an impressive clutch kit for your own benefits. It will neither let the engine get damaged nor let you face any jerky situations on uneven surfaces.

When you will be able to get a good condition clutch at that time you will get a better condition for your vehicle. Inadequate driving habits can lead to too many problems for your RZR, be skilled in driving at first to make the most use of the clutch in a proper way.

These clutch kits design for semi-hard surfaces as well as occasionally it can manage to sandy or muddy circumstances. However, it will provide improved throttle response and engagement mannerism.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why are clutch kits used in RZR 800?

RZR 800 has a clutch composed in it but for receiving furthermore performance you need to add a clutch kit. These kits will undoubtedly help the RZR 800 for running smoothly.

Will a clutch kit is able to increase the implementation of RZR 800?

A clutch kit will unquestionably increase the implementation of RZR 800. These clutch kits are made for helping the vehicle serve you better performance. Moreover, these kits have work for improving the acceleration and also the belt performance.

What components are involved in the clutch kit?

To avoid the problem of connecting and disconnecting, clutch kits have a pressure plate, a pilot bushing, a throwout bearing, and alignment tool, and a friction plate. All of these components work with each other amazingly.

Wrap Up

Get the best clutch kit for RZR 800 and experience better driving technology. Old clutch kits can’t handle all the problems of the machine or car through at them. So your vehicles need a new clutch kit to fulfill all those lags.

There are so many RZR 800 primary clutch kits available, and the best of them are choosing for you. You can select any one from them as per your requirements, but in the end, you will be satisfied with the clutch’s performance. We have even shown you the replacement method; we hope that you will get a lot of information through this one content.