5 Best Clutch Kit for RZR 1000 With Buying Guide


A clutch kit includes various parts that help to continue running an engine even after applying brakes. It delivers power from the engine to the transmission and separates the two when required. It also reduces vibration related to driving.

A Clutch kit is necessary for the smooth movement of your RZR 1000 and improving overall performance. Over time and usage, clutch kits wear out and need replacing. Choosing the right one for your specific vehicle can be troublesome.

To lessen your worries, in this article, we will provide you recommendations on the best clutch kit for rzr 1000. Keep on reading!

Best Clutch Kit for RZR 1000

Product’s Name Suitable Tire Size Key Benefits Price
Polaris Drive Clutch Kit 31 Inches Reliable And Solid Details On Amazon
SuperATV Clutch Kit 2018 29.5 To 34 Inches Increase Throttle Response Details On Amazon
Aftermarket Assassins Clutch Kit 29 To 31 Inches Durable To Lasts Time Details On Amazon
SuperATV Clutch Kit (2014-2015) 26.5 To 30 Inches Improve Riding Clearance Details On Amazon
EPI Clutch Kit 30 To 32 Inches Improve Tire Pressure Details On Amazon

Let’s break your suspense and introduce you to the best clutch kits with exact compatibility to RZR 1000 models.

1. Polaris Drive Clutch Kit– Ensures High Quality and Maximizes Performance

Polaris is a well-trusted brand for manufacturing high-quality and reliable clutch kits. This clutch kit made for various models of Polaris RZR 1000. Installing this kit will bring added boosts to your engine.

It measures about 31 millimeters and crafted with superior quality stainless steel. Each piece in this kit has gone through tests by OEM, which ensures high-quality performance and durability. It prevents oxidation by resisting corrosion and dust.

It is is an original Polaris product, so it is better than all the other aftermarket clutch kits available in the market. It offers a warranty for a lifetime. The easy-to-follow installation process saves you a lot of money because you do not need to hire experts to install it. You can install it on your own without much effort.


  • Easy installation
  • Works great
  • Durable
  • Premium quality


  • The package does not include spring and weights.

Available On Amazon

2. SuperATV Clutch Kit 2018– Mud Riding with Long Duty Performance

An improved RZR clutch kit like SuperATV will deliver you outstanding performance. The kit plays a vast advantage for mud riding with large tires. While riding in the mud, the equipment ensures a super engagement in the mid-lower range. However, it will enable you to use it for long hours. There is no problem despite using rough.

When you give an extra load to the RZR 1000, definitely the clutch requires support. In that case, this tool is capable of boosting torque. Even to do that, the kit doesn’t have to lose the horsepower. After a bit, it lowers the slippage as well as minimizing the heat to rise. Several necessary materials are included in the full box.

If you are looking for high-quality clutch kits for RZR 1000: 2018, you can put it into choice. The tool is perfect for two-seaters. In terms of providing tame terrain, this equipment is excellent so far. There are two springs. You will also notice the adjustability through clutch arms at different three angles. Lastly, Field and Dyno test grant you more relief.


  • Shut out at the time of power loss.
  • Fast backshift.
  • Rapid acceleration.
  • Brand superiority.


  • Suitable to limited vehicles.

Available On Amazon

3. Aftermarket Assassins Clutch Kit– Fast Acceleration with Engine Braking Seat

Under your budget RZR clutching with the quickest acceleration, Aftermarket Assassins is a prominent shot. The high-speed acceleration offers tricky strangle responses to run your vehicles. Simultaneously, two or four-engine braking seats are available for the secondary clutch. Also, rapid downshift delivers an outstanding experience.

While you run with an RZR 1000 clutch kit for big tires, you will find a noteworthy fitting. The slight chatter sets out polished engagement. That makes the clutch performance more consistent. There is a cover in the clutch.  The cover consists of a little belt slap. As a result, it enhances the life of the belt. So, you can use the belt for a long time.

This recoil clutch has adjustable lifting with a general magnet. Simply, if you are in search for a durable kit, then you can consider it. The tool maintains an AA profile with the supreme coating. Another advantage is the cooling facility when the temperature goes higher. Last but not the least, the equipment is also suitable for riding the sludge.


  • Lubricant surface.
  • Tune to diverse applications.
  • Upgrade fatigue strength.
  • Resistant to wear.


  • Not for small tires.

Available On Amazon

4. SuperATV Clutch Kit (2014-2015)– Boost Speed, Torque, and Horsepower With This One

As a solution to avert the power loss for monster tires, SuperATV Clutch Kit has come. The kit has the extraordinary capability to boost torque. In that way, it doesn’t have to sacrifice horsepower. So, the speeds get fast enough to run the vehicle. On the contrary, the tool upgrades the engagement between the lower and middle parts.

There are two springs to be flexible for convenience. The arms arrive according to pre-weighted having additional loads. Also, the kit has increased throttle response to backshift  rapidly. Even the slippage occurs hardly in the belt. Other than that, the cooling benefits enable shorter spreading of heat.

The swift acceleration makes it more exciting. If you are in a quest for an extreme endurance RZR 1000 clutch kit (2014-2015), you should keep it on your list. Moreover, this equipment has passed the field and dyno test. An OE exhaust is to establish splendid functioning for all the components. Lastly, the tool is corrosion-free.


  • Proper fitment.
  • Mud riding solution.
  • Easy to install.
  • Sturdy material.


  • Only for specific transportation.

Available On Amazon

5. EPI Clutch Kit– Perfect Placement to Stock Tires with High Wear-Free Technology

In terms of sustainability with an economical range, EPI Clutch Kit is another appellation. The kit is a perfect choice for stock tires. As a result, it works fantastic to support the pressure along with tires. This equipment is commonly known as all-around components. You can do anything, as the tool supports heavy support.

The performance of the kit is very much satisfactory. On top of that, the fast acceleration allows a prominent capability in the mid-lower end. Excluding that, the back shift is adequate speedy. A considerable response creates in the crisp ending, due to the fact. Enabling cooling advantage lowers the heat of the clutch.

If you have a determination to buy a standard clutch kit for RZR 1000, you may consider it on your buying list. The tool lowers belt slips while running. Leaving aside those, the kit has high prevention for wearing. Even the elevation preference is up to 0-3,000 feet. In the end, you don’t have to face trouble assembling it.


  • Torque boosting.
  • Power loss prevention.
  • Flexible clutch arm.
  • No horsepower loss.


  • The packaging could be better.

Available On Amazon

How To Select The Best Clutch Kit For RZR 1000

How To Select The Best Clutch Kit For RZR 1000

To buy the best clutch kit for RZR 1000, you must go for narrating research. Before purchase, it’s really good to have some knowledge regarding the component. Otherwise, there is a risk of buying a defective or wrong product. So we have mentioned a detailed guideline to avoid deceiving products.


Whatever you buy the first and foremost is to consider the budget range. Many times the budget determines the standard of a product. Well, if you have a tight budget, you don’t have to worry about all. Because there is some top-notch product within your range from our list.


The size is a crucial thing when buying a clutch kit. Smaller or larger, nothing will go with tires. For that reason, you need the exact size of the tools to fit. So, examine the product specification at least twice to avoid the mistakes of buying the wrong size.

Vehicle Model

Here the model is RZR 1000 as predetermined. Make sure the clutch kit you are going to buy matches your vehicle. Else, no point in purchasing. Not only the wrong product costs your money but also kills your precious time.


While buying, try to purchase the clutch kit from a brand. It will ensure reliability. Most of the time, a brand remains loyal to its customer supplying the product. Hence, choose a renowned brand for great going.


The corrosion leads to destroying fast. You should buy a kit, which is wear-free. This will help you to use it for a long period. At the same time, it also saves you money by buying another and the repair cost.


Another is the warranty, which will ensure relaxation while using it. The warranty works as an assurance. As the user finds a warranty for a specific period, they find it more comfortable even at no risk. The exchanging benefits enable us to consume a newer one.


In terms of maintaining the durability of the product, the material is important. The material makes a kit the toughest to be unbreakable. A broken product will lead you to buy another one. Again, it’s a loss. On the other hand, durable equipment will allow use for the longest time.

Less Heating

You must buy a clutch kit that has a sufficient cooling facility for less heating. Heating creates a problem in the belt. As a result, the equipment won’t last for long. Similarly, you will feel frustrated to operate your vehicle.


If you get the pre to assemble from the beginning, you don’t have to spend much time while installing. It will do your job half done. In that way, you can save your valuable time or spend it on another for your betterment.

How to Replace Clutch Kit on RZR 1000

A lot of distinctive clutch kits are obtainable for RZR 1000. They have pretty much dissimilarity in weight and spring. Some clutch has the latest helix to strike in the engine braking. A couple of correct tools are required for installation. We suggest you a compressor tool and a key clutch tool for replacement. Both tools are the minimum requirement to make the job done.


Firstly, detect the primary and secondary kit. Separate them from your RZR 1000. Also, pull other clutch covers. By taking out the lower bolt, you can make a way for moving the shock. Now, you use the key clutch tool to unfasten the primary. Simultaneously, to remove the secondary, just take out the bolt attaching with it.


After separating the primary and secondary, take the components into a fresh place to dissemble. Both of them have lofty tension springs. As a result, the compressor tool doesn’t require it at that moment. Go around the secondary. That will allow entry in the back sight. The compressor tool can tight it too.


Clean the little Torx bolts in the behind simply. Torx bolts are with Loctite. Warm those bolts with heating before removing them. Later then, free the spring tension using a compressor tool.  Alternate the spring with your new one given by the clutch kit detaching the snap ring.


Then, reverse it to assembly. You can keep a note that everything you have done. The kit has the latest helix that comes with the marking “X”. That marking helps to pair with the stock clutch. Tight lock the Torx bolts while reassembling.


Coming to the primary. The primary is stabilized from previously. But it’s good to take a note for marking to reassemble. Use the compressor tool on the primary for spiriting the six bolts. The bolts are in the cover area.


Furthermore, you need to pull out the clutch weights. They are located with shoulder bolts. Each has a nut. Take out the solder bolts with a 3/8 inch socket as well as a 1/8 inch Allen head. Drag the weights. Replace the weights with the current ones. Tight down them with the newer one.


While finishing the weight installation, assemble all. Once more use stock retainer bolts. In that process. Each bolt requires Loctite. Keep the retainer plate above the spring. Give pressure using the clutch compressor to tighten all the bolts. Everything should be according to its place for the balance.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the approximate life expectancy of a clutch kit? What is the average cost of clutch replacement?

Usually, most clutches will work approximately 60,000 miles. Some may last for 30,000 miles, and some may continue more than 60,000 miles. Life expectancy mainly depends on the driving style, proper installation, vehicle setup, etc.
The average cost for replacing the clutch will be around $400 to $1700. The price will vary depending on where you live, vehicle’s model, year, labor charge, etc.

What are the signs of a slipping clutch?

While driving, if your car needs more RPG to reach a certain speed, it means you need to replace the clutch. You may also notice a variation in engine speed, change in pedal height of clutch, reduced power in drive wheels, burning smell from the hood, etc.

What should I consider before buying a clutch kit?

You should buy a clutch kit that matches your lifestyle. If you use your truck for towing, hauling, then you need a heavy-duty clutch kit. If you are a racer, then buy a clutch that can tolerate extreme heat and pressure.
Quality, budget, and easy installation are also essential factors you need to consider before buying a clutch kit.


Due to the fulfillment of the demand of people, many companies are creating such tech revolutions. So, it’s naturally difficult to select the perfect one. No matter what if you want an optimum result, you must need the best clutch kit for RZR 1000. Those kits will give your belt an extended life following the slightest slippage. Enjoy the expedient response from the throttle.

This equipment will give your giant-size tire solution with the highest benefit. Adversely, a bad clutch kit will make your life hell. Stick to our list to avoid miserable circumstances.  Remember clutch engagement is significant. One wrongful choice can lead you to disappointment.  So pick the absolute one for RZR 1000.