Best Battery For Subaru Legacy – Top 3 Picks


Are you thinking of going for an enjoyable race? You have a Subaru legacy vehicle, but little confusion with the battery? Perhaps, you can’t make a decision on which battery will be best for your Subaru Legacy.

Subaru Legacy battery has long-lasting durability. You can charge it fully in a short time. The power of the Subaru Legacy battery is outstanding. Want to know more?

Not to worry! We are here to provide you much information on the best battery for Subaru legacy.

Here, you will find batterie’s features, product details, and many more.

So, let’s check out the content and know briefly.

Best Battery For Subaru Legacy

Product’s Name Reserve Capacity Key Benefits Price
Odyssey Battery 24 Minutes No Need Extra Maintenance Details On Amazon
Optima Batteries 8025 90 Minutes Increase Safety And Stability Details On Amazon
Delphi BU 9094R 140 Minutes Good For Long-term Use Details On Amazon

Let’s take you on the tour of 3 top batteries for the Subaru Legacy. And you are getting here the buying guide with a bonus of the Subaru Legacy battery replacement method.

1. Odyssey Battery– Long Lasting and Extreme Temperature

Powersports vehicles require a powerful battery that will be able to run in inclement weather or remote areas. It can deal with this situation. This battery gains the goal of the best battery for Subaru legacy.

This battery is sealed tightly with authentic lead plates. The non-spillable AGM is designed to protect ODYSSEY batteries against sudden coincidences or vibration.

To fulfill the capacity of Powersports applications such as motorcycles, personal watercraft, ATVs, ultralight, snowmobiles, Gyrocopter aircraft, and ultralight aircraft, this product is the suitable option.

If you compare this battery with a spiral-wound of similar size, the ODYSSEY battery loads a 15 percent extra plate covering space into the trial.

This battery has two years replacement limited warranty, and the service life is 3 to 10 years. It is able to 100 percentage recharge within 4 to 6 hours. The product has a great reliable voltage for an extended duration of the period.

The ODYSSEY battery has a vibration grinding option. It is designed to defend against high impact incidents and mechanical vibration. So you will get a relaxing drive.

This battery has a good feature of tolerance to extreme temperatures. It will remain calm if you drive for a long time.


  • Fastest charge within 4 to 6 hours.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Best power bunch.
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Have no leaking.


  • May face the problem of warranty.

Available On Amazon

2. Optima Batteries 8025– Get Triple Battery Life with This One

Optima brings a battery for your car with three times longer battery durability than other typical car batteries.  The CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere) of this battery is 720 that means it can maintain a Voltage of a minimum of 7.2 Volts in cold temperature.

Two Lead (Pb) plates here are 99.99% coating of the original Lead material. The cells are spirally built-up. And it makes the battery leakage-proof more than other typical batteries.

The reserve capacity of 90 minutes gives a consistent power. And it helps to sustain the battery durability. It can resist the vibration 15 times better than other flooded typical batteries.

It is the high performing AGM battery that deals with all the ultimate level features. Optima battery with red on top has a fast-charging capacity. It will provide the maximum power in the ignition time, whether the weather is very rough or too hot.

It weighs around 39.5 pounds. And the dimension is 9.32’’x6.80’’x7.62’’.


  • Perfect battery with extreme power performance for Subaru Legacy
  • Finely cased with Polypropylene material
  • Can be spill-able
  • Can be mountable virtually to any position
  • No maintenance needed
  • Clean &classic design ensures maximum safety


  • People from Catalina island can’t buy it.

Available On Amazon

3. Delphi BU 9094R– More Vibration Resistance with this Battery

People tend to look for cylindrical cell batteries nowadays. But today, we will introduce an automotive engine battery that will render your vehicle far more than a cylinder type of battery.

It is the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery from Delphi. It provides the maximum power transfer with 800 CCA ability. So, you can start your engine in any weather condition.

The group size for this battery is 94 R that is the reversing terminal type. And you get a reserve capacity of 140 to sustain the power and provide to the other accessories also.

Delphi battery has a longer life in case of battery durability. It will render you with the utmost power transfer assurance.

52 lbs of this battery do not feel that much heavy. The total dimension of this battery is 12.438’’x6.875’’x7.5’’ (LxWxH).


  • Maximum power transferring option
  • Charges faster than typical batteries
  • Vibration & corrosion-proof
  • Fits appropriately without any additional servicing

Available On Amazon

How to Pick The Top Quality Batteries for Subaru Legacy

How to Pick The Top Quality batteries for Subaru Legacy

If you’re lingering on how to choose the best battery for your Subaru Legacy, read it below. Here, we are showing some facts that you must keep in mind before buying a battery.

After reading these, you can have a complete guideline for buying the best batteries for Subaru Legacy. Also, these apply to purchase other car batteries.

Check the Car Model

The first thing you need to consider is the car model and specification. You will be using the battery inside your vehicle. You should give priority to your vehicle’s preferences and specs before buying.

If you don’t buy the one according to your vehicle’s specifications, you may face unfitting issues, battery compatibility issues, etc.

Battery Group Size

Battery group size is another vital fact you must consider before you buy it. The battery group size number will help your battery to fit in precisely.

For Subaru Legacy battery size, it would be better to choose the battery specifying as 35 on the top terminal or 34/78 with dual terminals, GR 25, 26, etc.

CCA number Matters for Regional Basis

Well, CCA stands for Cold Crank Amperes meaning the cycle time to start-up in cold weather. So, regarding this CCA number, there are several variations in batteries.

The higher this number is, the more robust the battery will be in providing power. For example, if you’re going to drive your car in any cold region, then you should have the one with more CCA numbers.

For Subaru, you will find from 650 CCA up to 800 also. So, you should choose based on your regional weather.

The Battery Should Be Durable

The durability of your battery should be enough long time. You must check this before buying one for your vehicle. You can look for some batteries that provide a minimum of 3  to 5 years of durability.

It is the battery-the wheel to run your vehicle. So, you will not be changing the battery frequently.

Type of the Battery Can be Considerable

Well, there are two significant types of cell batteries for the engine. One is the Lead Cell type, and the other is the AGM type.

Among these two types, the AGM type batteries are for high-performing cars like Subaru. This type of battery helps to provide the engine with ultimate power transfer. So, you can have the AGM type one.

Other Maintenance Considerations

Get a battery that needs no maintenance while installing it. It would help you and save your time and money.

You must check the date of the battery before buying it.  Buy a battery that is not too old at least not more than two to three months. You can be sure by checking the date codes like A denoting January, B for February, etc.

Buy a battery that is properly sealed. Try to buy from a shop having many batteries for selling. You will find some best quality from the individual vehicle shops. But that would be unnecessarily expensive.

So, know the buying guide first properly then buy from a good store with the right budget.

When To Replace Subaru Legacy Battery?

When To Replace Subaru Legacy Battery

Now, let’s have some basic ideas about how you will know that you need to replace your battery.  Here, we are giving you some hints regarding Subaru Legacy battery replacement.

  • When you find the battery getting out of fuel after recharging fully, check your battery if it may need replacement.
  • Check engine light code on the gauge dash is the first and vital symptom. If you get the lights, then immediately check your engine and replace it.
  • However, if the engine takes time to crank over more than usual, it can be a battery issue.
  • If you see high decay on the battery terminals and others, it can be a symptom of battery drainage.

You can’t ride with a faulty battery in your vehicle. So, whenever you are getting such hints, check your battery and go for the replacement soon.

How To Replace The Subaru Legacy Battery?

Have a sigh! We are not done yet. We thought if you need any suggestions for the replacement technique, so here we present the method to replace your battery and install the new one yourself.

Most of the car batteries don’t need any maintenances. And you can set them easily if you know the way.

So, let’s see the steps for replacing your Subaru Legacy battery. But this method applies for most other battery installing cases too.

Step 1: Turn Off the Engine

The first step is to turn off the engine. You should turn off the ignition key to ensure no power loss.

Step 2: Find Out the Battery Location

The second step is to find out and get access to the battery of your vehicle. Well, mostly it is found underneath the engine hood located on a case.

But in some modern vehicles, you may not see the battery from outside. It can be inside the trunk underneath the board. For that, you can check the car manual to locate the exact location of your battery.

Step 3: Disconnect the Battery Terminals

After you find the battery, you will see two terminals, positive and negative connections on two sides. Disconnect them one by one.

Use any wrench to unplug the hose pipes. Try gradually but carefully. Don’t rush or pull harder if the connection is too jammed because of decay or rust.

Be careful. Put some oil on the connector screws and then try to unplug.

In this way, take out the two cables.

Step 4: Loosen the Clamp Holder

After disconnecting the plugs, check there will be a clamp holder that is holding the battery tightly. You have to unscrew it to take out the battery.

Use any screwdriver or wrench to loosen the bolts. Use oil if the nuts get too rusty and hard to unscrew.

Step 5: Take out the Battery

When you have loosened the clamp, take out the battery carefully. Be careful here. The battery can be cumbersome, so hold firmly then pull it out from the case.

Step 6: Clean the Area

After taking out the battery, clean the place or the battery holding case. If there are decay and rust, then clear out them using any wire brushes.

Step 7: Install the New Battery

Now, install the new battery precisely in the same process in reverse.

  • Place the battery in the battery tray or the battery case.
  • Attach the clamp and tighten the bolts.
  • Connect two connecting terminals of black and red wire.
  • Turn on the engine and check it.

In this way, you can easily replace the battery of your vehicle. You won’t need to hire or call for any mechanic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I worry about the battery warning light coming on?

The charging strategy rapidly affects the battery. Once the alert light appears on, it should be taken to immediate service. Oppositely, the battery may lose its energy.

How long should my car battery be replaced?

Your battery life depends on the classification of your car. However, the normal life of the battery is about 3 to 10 years. We can suggest you restore your battery every 4 years.

What reduces car batteries?

Three things can affect on your battery lifespan:
User mistake – If you put the lights on or avoid closing your door, you can quickly lose your battery.
Poor charging policy – Your charging technique is not working properly.
Parasitically drain – parts of your car which are frequently operating can drain battery power.

Question: What reduces car batteries?

Ans: Three things can affect on your battery lifespan:

User mistake – If you put the lights on or avoid closing your door, you can quickly lose your battery.

Poor charging policy – Your charging technique is not working properly.

Parasitically drain – parts of your car which are frequently operating can drain battery power.

Wrap Up

This context contains seven best battery for Subaru Legacy along with characteristic features and drawbacks also.

Not only that, but you are also getting here a complete and researched buying guideline for Subaru Legacy batteries. Even, you will know the replacement method here.

So, why don’t you read this to get all in one Subaru Legacy battery replacement info?