Best Battery For RZR 800- Top 7 Picks Based On Parts Number!

Best Battery For RZR 800


Are you looking for the best battery for RZR 800 for your Polaris battery replacement?

Nowadays, the maintenance-free AGM battery is the most popular and demanding than the traditional batteries,whichneedtime to timewatering.  When you are looking for a battery for your ATV, you should look for the compatible one with more CCA to meet your vehicle riding demands.

In this write-up, we have covered the entire discussion regarding how to pick the right battery for RZR 800 and how to replace the battery along with the top best battery for Polaris Ranger 800.

Scroll down and dive into the planet of the guide to Polaris RZR 800 battery.

7 Best Battery For RZR 800

Product’s Name Reserve Capacity Key Benefits Price
Odyssey Extreme PC925 48 Minutes Increase Battery Power Details On Amazon
YUASA High-Performance Battery 20 Minutes No Need For Extra Maintenance Details On Amazon
Chrome Extreme Sports Battery 33 Minutes Increase Engine Starting Details On Amazon
Mighty Max Battery 45 Minutes Eco-friendly And High-quality Details On Amazon
NICHE AGM Battery 33 Minutes Shockproof And Vibration-free Details On Amazon
MMGLithium Ion Sealed Battery 20 Minutes Light In Weight Details On Amazon
Caltric AGM Battery 28 Minutes Simple To Use Details On Amazon

Now, read the detailed features with highlighted specs.

1. Odyssey Extreme PC925– Premium Battery with Longer Life Cycle

Battery Specs of Odyssey PC925


(Cold Cranking Ampere)

Amperage Voltage Ampere Hour(AH) Weight

( in lbs)


(L x W x H)

330 28 12 52 23.8 lbs 6.64″ x 7.05″ x 5.04″

Odyssey Extreme Series battery is the perfect battery for Polaris RZR 800 ATVs. Its 330 CCA (Cold Crank Ampere) can power up in start-up with great power and smooth, consistent performance.

The most annoying part with any battery we may feel is the charging time. Isn’t it? This Odyssey battery comes with the highest charging capacity within a short period.

Yes, Odyssey demands to recharge in the fastest time than any other sealed battery on the market.And it takes only 4 to 6 hours and 100 percentage recharged.

This battery has 52 minutes of RC ( Reserve Capacity), which is 40% more than others. So, it can deliver more power.

Well, the Odyssey battery saves your time and money with its 3 to 10 years of long cycle life. It has a 12 Voltage of higher stable voltage that can be up to 400 cycles at 80 % depth discharge. Then again, it hasa 70% longer life cycle than the other traditional AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.

You know this (SLA) Sealed Lead Acid battery is made with pure virgin Lead that might not be found in conventionalbatteries. And you see, this battery also features a flexible design that makes you mount it easily.

So, why not get this battery as perfectly compatible with the 4×4 and off-road vehicles like the Polaris RZR 800. And yes, it is backed by limited 3 and 4 years of full replacement warranty service.


Odyssey PC925 LTV battery is an ideal power resource boxwith the perfect CCA. Its convenient design benefits the battery with a vibration-free and mechanical shock-free performance. And the longer life cycle helps you stay relaxed because it needs no maintenance and can serve up to 3 to 10 years. It might come with a bit higher price, but you will find them worth dealing.

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2. YUASA High-Performance Battery– More Power Deliver with This One

Battery Specs of YUASA (YTX20HL-BS)


(Cold Cranking Ampere)

Amperage Voltage Ampere Hour(AH) Weight

( in lbs)


(L x W x H)

310 18 12 18.9 13.86lbs 6.89’’ x 3.43’’ x 6.1’’

Yuasa battery comes with a high-performingpower delivery feature. Its 310 CCA does not make it less powerful rather enough for any off-road vehicles like your RZR 800 Polaris.

The battery is no doubt the AGM battery with completely sealed Lead-Acid plates, where the plates are fully absorbed,and you needno further maintenance after the installation.Also, no need for adding water like we saw our grandfather’s generation used to do from time to time.

Another vital fact about this battery- it is made using advanced Lead-Calcium technology that gives it a specific gravity to hold itself. And you know this is 3 times longer than the traditional Lead Acid batteries.

It is easy to mount in the ATVs, and before you install, you must add acid to it that you have to get with this battery. Well, many find this a hassle, though. You are getting a battery with additional high-performance features with perfection.

You see, this battery can deliver 30% more power also than other conventional LA batteries. It takes 5 to 10 hours to be fully charged, and you will be amazed at its maintenance capacity of the charging level.


In a word, it is a high-performing battery with more power delivery and an individual gravity holding capacity—no need for further water after the installation. Many well-branded motorcycles use this battery in their vehicles for its better performance output with zero maintenance.

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3. Chrome Extreme Sports Battery– Best Polaris RZR 800 Battery for Budget

Battery Specs of Chrome Extreme Sports


(Cold Cranking Ampere)

Amperage Voltage Ampere Hour(AH) Weight

( in lbs)


(L x W x H)

310 18 12 33 9.98lbs 6.89’’ x 3.43’’ x 6.1’’

Chrome battery with 310 Cold Cranking Ampere gives the ideal power delivery to start up your favorite ATV. Its 18 Ah power source helps to deliver consistent power to the last Volt. And you know, it has 33 minutes of reserve capacity that never lets your vehicle having power loss.

This battery is the AGM type with fully sealed Lead Acid. A spill-proof battery does not need any further maintenance once you install it.

The chrome battery comes fully recharged and ready to install and go. You just buy the battery install in your vehicle and get ready to ride with full-on mode.

You know this heavy-duty battery with extreme durability is, of course, made with the trendy AGM battery that makes it much user-friendly.

This battery is ideally shock, vibration, and heat resistant. So, you don’t have to think about battery safety while riding and get distracted from your stunning aggressive ride.

It isan F2 terminal type to recharge as it is rechargeable. And this battery comes with ISO 9001 and 14001 certified that e ensures quality and eco-friendliness as well.And all the impressive features you are getting without breaking the bank is the remarkable fact about Chrome Battery.


Chrome Extreme Sports battery is a complete budget-friendly pick for the RZR 800 vehicle. It comes fully ready to mount and needs no maintenance again. The perfect CCA provides superior power and a continuous delivery.

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4. Mighty Max Battery– Battery with the Max Power Deliver

Battery Specs of Mighty Max


(Cold Cranking Ampere)

Amperage Voltage Ampere Hour(AH) Weight

( in lbs)


(L x W x H)

385 30 12 30 21.40lbs 6.60’’  x 4.96’’ x 6.88’’

Mighty Max battery is like its name-maximum power with 385 higher CCA.  From the Polaris RZR 800, like ATVs to snowmobiles,this battery gives superior performance in the case of energy.

The battery is a completely sealed Lead-Acid type battery, no doubt here. Perfect Ampere hour helps to hold power so that you don’t face power loss amid an adventurous ride with your ATV.

It also has a higher discharge rate of power that ensures a longer battery life. Then again, this rechargeable AGM battery is vibration and shock-resistant. And you can mount in any position you want.

You don’t need to worry about further maintenance like in the conventional batteries need. This battery comes completely in a ready mount position. And installation is super easy- no extra harness or wiring.

However, the Mighty Max battery comes with 30 days of the refund policy and a fullone-year replacement warranty if something happens.


Mighty max battery is the perfect fit for the Polaris RZR 800. You can get an ideal battery with maximum power transfer. Like other AGM batteries, it also comes with user-friendliness more power for the higher CCA.

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5. NICHE AGM Battery– Price-Worthy Deal with Superior Power Deliver

Battery Specs of NICHE


(Cold Cranking Ampere)

Amperage Voltage Ampere Hour(AH) Weight

( in lbs)


(L x W x H)

310 1.8 12 18 13.62lbs 7.5’’ x 1’’ x 1’’

Another high-performingbattery with maximum power delivery is the Niche maximum performance battery.

The special feature of this AGM battery is it is lightweight. You see, like other sealed LA batteries, this one is also a low-maintenance battery with absorbing glass plates inside.

And the best part is this battery is very lightweight, which makes it choosable by many thrilling off-roaders.

In addition, what needs more? The power delivering capacity and the power discharge rate. Yes, the ideal CCA provides true power at any extreme temperature.

It’s just the ideal pick for those who want to fly off with their ATVs and need something lighter in their vehicles.

All the nuts for mounting, an acid bottle are included with the purchase of the battery. So, there remains no worry for the parts to mount this battery.


Niche AGM battery is a self-activated high performing battery. This is precisely compatible with 2004 to the 2014 year model of Polaris RZR 800. And the extreme lightweight feature makes the installation to riding very easy and smooth.

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6. MMGLithium Ion Sealed Battery– Extreme Lightweight with Vast Power

Battery Specs of MMG


(Cold Cranking Ampere)

Amperage Voltage Ampere Hour(AH) Weight

( in lbs)


(L x W x H)

420 10 12 1.0 3.09lbs 6.89″ x 3.42″ x 5.12″

MMG AGM battery is remarkable for its higher cranking power. Yes, it has 420 CCA, a wow point for the rough riders.

1.0 AH at maximum and normal charging is enough to supply a smooth and continuous power source for the UTV (Utility Vehicle) or ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) such as the Polaris RZR 800.

It easily fits into your rangers and provides higher performance.  The battery is an AGM-type battery, and no need for any maintenance or extras for installation.

If your RZR 800 takes the start in a significantly colder region always, you can go for this battery without any second thought.

And the fantastic part of this battery is the battery indicator light to check the battery with a button only.  However, this battery does not require any maintenance, and the material used here is totally safe for the environment.

The battery has 6 to 12 times more cycle life when compared to other traditional Lead-acid batteries. Also, it charges so fast that 90% can be within 6 minutes.


MMG battery comes with a quad terminal and is precisely designed for aftermarket fuel delivery. The powerful, lightweight feature makes it really preferable that it is 50 to 70% lighter than the standard batteries proved. More to this, its LED battery level indicator grabs the attention for sure.

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7. Caltric AGM Battery– Get Higher Energy Supply with This One

Battery Specs of Caltric


(Cold Cranking Ampere)

Amperage Voltage Ampere Hour(AH) Weight

( in lbs)


(L x W x H)

350 30 12 30 22lbs  6.5″ x 5″ x 6.8″

It is a perfect fit when you are looking for the highest power reservation in Polaris RZR 800 battery.  Do you wish to know why? Because it has a higher AH-that is 30.

Well, it can provide 30 Amp current at an hour, which makes you ride with a smooth power source.

Oh, don’t get confused about the high AH may make the battery larger. It is correctly compatible and fits in the RZR 800EFI of 2010 tothe 2014 year model.

Another important part-the CCA. The Caltric AGM type battery has the 350 Cold Cranking Ampere. And it is enough whether your vehicle is taking the start in the colder season or the hotter Summer.

With this Caltric AGM battery, you can run the radio along with riding with the highest power.


For the ideal AGM battery cravers, this battery renders the job very well. It is no doubt maintenance-free, and the proper Ampere hour feature can hold power with the proper discharge rate. In short, for a cheaper option than the Polaris RZR factory battery, Caltric is the most OK pick.

Check Price On Amazon

How to Pick the Best Battery for RZR 800?

How to Pick the Best Battery for RZR 800

When it is time to replace your Polaris RZR 800 battery, you should not buy any random one as it has the UTV ( Utility Vehicle) type engine.

If you choose any random battery without checking the right power and quality, you will repent yourself later. You may lose your temper for not getting the expected power.

That is why we have done this research for you and helping you by showing the significant points to look at before buying the RZR 800 battery.

Buy a Good Battery Type

There are different types of batteries you may get. But among all the AGM ( Absorbed Glass Material) type battery is the best one to have.

It is nowadays gaining more popularity due to its durability and non-leaking status. So, what are you choosing should be the AGM battery? Some SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) types can also be choosable.

Check the Proper RC

RC stands for the power reserving capacity. It is very crucial to have more than 25 RC in the battery for the UTV vehicles. The RC number determines the amount of current in Ampere reserved and supplied per hour.

Choose the Right CCA

The CCA stands for the Cold Cranking Ampere. It is most needed when you live in the polar zones. The more CCA your battery has, your engine will take less time to startup from the shutdown condition.

For the UTV engines, look for a minimum of 300 CCA or more according to your riding condition.

Right Fit is a Must

If you check all the points mentioned above but did not match the fitting or compatibility, your buying will go in vain. If the battery does not correctly fit into your vehicle, you can’t make it rightly fit by any means.

So, check for the right fit before you make the purchase.

Durability & Other Facts to Check

Mostly a good battery will last a minimum of 3 to 5 years. So, how long-lasting the battery will be, you must ensure it before buying.

In the time of buying automobile batteries, always check the manufacturing date. You may get it anywhere on the upper seal of the battery.

Don’t buy a battery that seems too old, or the dealer has only one in store. A long old battery can be harmful to run.

Some companies provide replacement warranty or even money-back warranty. These features can be noticeable to get good quality.

A to Z Guide: How To Replace Battery in RZR 800 DIY to Save Your $100

The battery location in the Rangers RZR 800  may not be easily found or seen. So, people seem to spend dollars on the mechanics to replace their battery in RZR 800.

But today, we will show you an accessible method. Following this, you can quickly get access to the battery of your RZR and replace it yourself.

Want to save your bucks? Read the steps below.

Step-1: Get Access to the Battery

Finding the right location of the battery is the most stringent and essential step in this method. In the 2010-2014 Rangers model with a two-seat vehicle, the battery is beneath the driver seat.

Many here make the mistake of opening all the nuts of the seating area. No need for this trouble. Did you know you can take out the seat by pulling it outside?

Hold on to the middle of the seat handle and pull it outside. The seat will come out of the bolt finely from where it is attached to it.

Step-2: Take Off the Battery Store Cover

After taking out the seat, there is a storage box type you will see. Take out the cover or the cap of the store. Use screwdrivers to loosen the nuts.

Step-3: Disconnect the Terminals

When you take off the cover, you can see the battery here inside. Disconnect the two terminals from the positive and negative poles. Before that, make sure the engine is off and adequately cold.

Step-4: Replace the Old Battery with New One

Now,  take out the old battery from inside the storage box part.  And place the new battery here inside.

Step-5: Connect the Two Cables

Connect the two cables correctly. Here, connect the terminals very wisely. The red cable will connect the positive terminal, and the black cable will go with the negative terminal.

Don’t get confused here. Otherwise, if you be upside down here, you may have a battery explosion also.

Step-6: Put the Cover & Mount the Seat

Start your engine and check if it is getting power or not. If all is okay, tighten the screw and put the cover.

Then mount the seat right back to its position.

And see, you have made it so well within minutes only.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the battery location on RZR 800?

The battery can be found at one of the three positions on RZR 800. The battery is placed under the driver’s seat for all two-seat models from 2008 till now. It can also be mounted beneath the driver’s seat on four-seated models from 2008 to 2013. The equipment is located under the left rear passenger seat for all four-seat models from 2014 until now.

How many years a battery for RZR 800 long-last?

It depends on the duration of the load, the load and you should not overcharge it. It will take three to five years if you use a combat tender while not in use and do not destroy it much.

How will an RZR 800 Charge the Battery?

The stator produces electricity that is used to charge the battery from your RZR 800. Power is generated and directly transmitted to the controller/ rectifier as an AC voltage.

Final Verdict

If you are a thrilling off-road rider and have the Rangers RZR, don’t miss this writing. Here, we have presented the best battery for RZR 800 with an ultimate buying guide.

Oh! Also, the replacement method will surprise you as it is easy to do by yourself.


Experienced with the autoparts and mechanical tools for years and now want to utilize this experience by helping others in DIY autoparts service and guides. I will love to assist people with any auto guide and solution through these contents that are the outcome of in-depth research, practical experience, and beautiful writing.

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